Boost Metabolism & Cellular Regeneration

Our state of the art CRYO Arctic Chamber utilizes sub-zero temperatures (-166º to -220º) for 1-3 minute sessions to activate your body’s innate healing abilities. Studies have shown that by exposing your body to cryogenically-cooled air in order to reduce the surface temperature of your skin you can: 

  • Increase blood flow helping to circulate nutrients throughout the body. 

  • Boost your metabolism and aid with weight loss. 

  • Stimulate the release of endorphins enhancing your mindset & mood. 

  • Reduce inflammation helping to alleviate muscle fatigue, joint paint and speed up recovery time.

  • Stimulate cellular regeneration and combat the signs of aging.

Cryotherapy is a natural and safe way to boost your overall health and wellness.


Intro Cryo Session

Save $15 on your FIRST Cryotherapy session!


Single Cryo Session

Book a single session whenever you need a recovery, mood and/or metabolism boost.


3 Session Intro Pack

Save $20 per session on your FIRST three Cryotherapy sessions!


5 Cryo Session Pack

Save $5 per session when you purchase a five pack bundle.


10 Cryo Session Pack

Save $10 per session when you buy a ten pack bundle.


15 Cryo Session Pack

Save $20 per session when you buy a 15 pack bundle.

$399 / month

Unlimited Cryo Sessions

Enjoy unlimited Cryo sessions with this monthly membership.