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In 2015, Evolution Fitness was founded by Dr. Izzy Lira with the aim of combining fitness and wellness in one comprehensive studio. With more than 15 years of experience as a licensed chiropractor specializing in Sports Medicine, Dr. Izzy is dedicated to assisting his clients in achieving their ultimate health goals. He has personally experienced the benefits of correct body alignment, functional movement, strength training, nutrition, and detoxification and is thrilled to offer all of these therapies in a comprehensive fitness center.

Our fantastic team of certified & specialized trainers are excited to work with you! Whether you are looking to build strength & tone muscle, lose weight, enhance recovery and improve your overall health, our focus is to provide a fun + safe environment where you can thrive.

Meet our team

Dr. Izzy Lira

Dr. Izzy knows the human body. He is a Board Certified Chiropractor & Certified Personal Trainer with an emphasis in Sports Medicine. He is experienced in working with clients of all ages & fitness levels. 


Dr. Izzy approaches training from the angle of a health care professional and focuses on encouraging each client to surpass their physical & mental boundaries so that they can reach a higher level of health and wellness.

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Kyli Kohl

Kyli's infectious passion for health and fitness has been her driving force for years, and as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer she's brought transformative change to countless lives.

She believes true health starts from within, with self-love and care. With her high-energy, motivating personality, Kyli guides clients toward sustainable, joyful relationships with themselves and exercise. Her radiant personality, high-energy approach, and motivating spirit are like a breath of fresh air in every training session.


Kyli creates an environment where you not only discover the strength of your body but also cultivate a deep, healthy, and loving relationship with yourself!


Luke Mayes

Kyoshi Luke Mayes is a fifth-degree black belt in Seido Karate and has studied karate for over forty years. Born in England and raised in New Zealand, Luke went to Rosmini College and is a graduate of Auckland University. He served in the Royal New Zealand Air Force as a pilot and also served in the Royal New Zealand Army as an Officer in the Territorial Force. 

Luke has been teaching karate for over 25 years and continues to study at the School Of Practical Philosophy. He also teaches self-defense training at the Jody House Brain Injury Support Center and Braille Institute Santa Barbara. 


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