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Contrast Therapy


Promote recovery, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and enhance immune function. 

Experience the health boosting benefits of both cold & hot treatments with a 1 hour private Contrast Therapy session (for up to 2 guests) in our Restore Lounge. You'll alternate between our cold plunge tank, infrared sauna room and rest. This is a centuries-old tradition, practiced by society's highest-performers. It will awaken your body and mind while improving total body wellness at the cellular level.


Benefits can include:

+ Reduced inflammation

+ Increased blood flow

​+ Shortened recovery time

+ Reduced muscle soreness

+ Enhanced immune function

+ Pain relief, especially for chronic conditions

+ Increased relaxation & stress reduction

+ Improved mood, mental clarity and focus 

New to Contrast Therapy at Evolution Fitness? Try our Contrast 3 Pack for just $164!

Text "contrast therapy" to 805.334.FITT for more info.

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