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Cold Plunge


Take the Plunge At Evolution Fitness!

Cold Plunge Therapy is an ancient practice that has been shown to have incredible health boosting benefits. Cold water immersion triggers hormones (especially dopamine & norepinephrine) that increase oxygenated blood-flow while also improving your stress resilience and mental discipline. Take a 2-3 minute dip in our Cold Plunge tank to awaken all of your senses while stimulating physiological reactions that help to:​​

+ Increase muscle recovery & healing

+ Reduce muscle soreness and pain 

+ Boost energy and attention

+ Reduce anxiety and depression

+ Lower inflammation

+ Support immune system function 

+ Increase antioxidant activity & lymphatic drainage

New to Cold Plunge at Evolution Fitness? Try our Cold Plunge Intro 3 Pack for just $59! 

Enjoy the benefits of both hot & cold therapy with a Contrast Therapy session!

Text "sauna" to 805.334.FITT for more info.

Contrast Therapy

Experience the health boosting benefits of both cold & hot treatments with a 1 hour private Contrast Therapy session (for up to 2 guests)! You'll alternate between our cold plunge tank, infrared sauna room and rest. This is a centuries-old tradition, practiced by society's highest-performers. It will awaken your body and mind while improving total body wellness at the cellular level. 

Contrat Therapy 1
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