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Small Group Training

Our small group training classes are designed to help you to achieve full body fitness in a fun & safe environment.

Cardio Zen

Starting and finishing from a place of stillness. 

We'll incorporate mindful deep breathing to calm your nervous system and help your body adapt to stress & build resilience.
Participants will increase their heart rates throughout the class with karate practice techniques designed for self defense, physical development and an over-all great aerobic workout. 


Join the Evolution

Jamie Lunge.jpg


Get a full-body workout in under an hour that includes toning AND cardio!  Our circuit training classes are an excellent boredom buster. You'll move quickly from one exercise to the next working all of your major muscle groups which keeps your metabolism going long after you've left the gym.

This class includes resistance training combined with cardiovascular components in one-minute intervals for the ultimate firming & toning workout.


Class Drop In

Looking for a total body workout?

Drop in for one of our small group classes!


10 Class Punch Card

Purchase a pack of 10 small group classes to use as you wish. Save $5 per class.


Unlimited Classes

Enjoy UNLIMITED small group classes with our monthly membership. No initiation or cancellation fees! Membership automatically renews each month.

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