Infrared Sauna


Detoxify & Boost Immunity

During your Infrared Sauna Treatment you will relax in our state of the art Sunlighten Sauna room in temperatures of up to 150º. The penetrating infrared rays can safely and naturally help your body to: 

+ Stimulate perspiration, naturally eliminating harmful toxins. 

+ Increase blood flow, aiding with injury and wound healing, muscle recovery as well as improving skin renewal. 

+ Fight inflammation, helping to reduce aches and pains. 

+ Increase metabolism and promote weight loss.

+ Support your immune system, helping to fend off illness & disease.

+ Exercise your heart, improving cardiovascular circulation and reducing blood pressure.

+ Provide time for deep relaxation and stress relief.

Why Infrared Rays?

Our Sunlighten Sauna generates near, mid & far infrared heat to penetrate deep into your cells, activating your mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouse). This patented technology has been clinically proven to generate heat from inside the body, stimulating blood circulation and detoxification while avoiding damage to the skin. 

Optional add-ons: 

+ Chromotherapy

+ Acoustic Resonance Therapy 

+ Cold Plunge Treatment 

Get the best of both hot & cold therapies with a Contrast Therapy session. 

Text "sauna" to 805.334.FITT for more info and to book your session.

Contrast Therapy

Treat yourself to the benefits of both cold & hot therapies with a 1 hour private Contrast Therapy session! You'll alternate between our cold plunge tank, infrared sauna room and rest. This is a centuries-old tradition, practiced by society's highest-performers. It will awaken your body and mind while improving total body wellness at the cellular level. 



Single Session - 30 min


Single Session - 45 min


Intro 3 pack - 30 Min Sessions


5 Pack - 30 Min Sessions


5 Pack - 45 min sessions


10 Pack - 30 Min Sessions


10 Pack - 45 Min Sessions


Contrast Therapy - 1 Hour Session

Cold Plunge + Infrared Sauna


10 Pack - Contrast Therapy

1 Hour Session - Cold Plunge + Infrared Sauna